Is it ok to send a spleen in a bucket?

Is It Ok To Send A Spleen In A Bucket? With Flaminia Coiacetto

Yes. it’s totally fine. In fact, it’s the preferred way to send your spleens to the lab. Here’s another thing that I learnt from this episode: pathologists don’t necessarily look like Uncle Fester from the Adams Family! Join us with the very un-Uncle Fester-like anatomical pathologist Dr Flaminya Coiacetto for more things that you didn’t know about how to ensure better histopath results. (And happier pathologists!) From sample handling, preparation and storage, to what the ideal history looks like. Minia also tells us about the common special stains: how they work and when to use them. If you enjoy listening to Flaminya you should check out her video on how to do a necropsy at Thank you the SVS Pathology Group (Vetnostics, QML, TML, Vetpath and ASAP labs for lending us their pathologist, and for supporting our new pathology series of podcasts.

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