For frozen samples via our pathology courier

Regardless of whether you use online or phone booking, please follow instructions below.

  • The next courier to appear after you log a frozen courier may not necessarily carry dry ice as it takes time to coordinate
  • Before handing over a frozen sample to our pathology courier, first ask the courier: “Are you equipped to collect and transport a frozen (dry ice) sample?”
  • Only hand over a frozen sample if you are sure the courier is equipped to take it.
  • If a courier equipped for frozen (dry ice) pickup does not arrive within 24 hours:
    • Re-book the job online (see above)
    • Add ‘Frozen pickup booked (date) but not actioned’. Include previous job reference number (if known).

Note: if the courier only has a frozen esky brick, they are NOT equipped to collect a frozen pickup sample. They need to have dry ice.

Packing recommendations for transportation of pathology specimens via airfreight

Primary receptacle(s)

These include blood tubes, specimen pots, transport media tubes etc. Please ensure these are labelled appropriately and closed tightly so that they do not leak.

If screw capped containers are used these may be reinforced with adhesive tape.

If multiple specimens are placed in a single secondary packaging they can be wrapped individually (e.g., cotton wool, ziplock bag etc.) to ensure that contact between them is minimised.

Absorbent material

There must be sufficient absorbent material (for example cotton wool) to absorb the entire liquid contents of all specimen containers inside the 500ml container.

Secondary packaging

Place the samples into the large pocket of the specimen ziplock bag and seal closed. Place the Laboratory Request Form into the outer pocket of the bag.

Outer packaging (i.e., cardboard LabMailer)

Securely tape both ends of the LabMailer. If you use outer packing other than a LabMailer please make sure it also solid and approximately lunchbox size.

The completed Vetnostics Pathology Laboratory Request Form(s) must be enclosed between the 500ml pot and the outer canister. Then place these packages inside a courier bag with the con note applied to the outside.


Each package must show the following text on the package: