Louise worked in a Brisbane Veterinary Hospital as a Vet nurse/receptionist before graduating from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Microbiology/Biochemistry.  She completed a postgraduate diploma in Biotechnology while working for a commercial veterinary pathology laboratory.  A Master of Applied Science followed with research in the field of electron microscopy.  Louise gained agricultural experience with the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Animal Research Institute (Wollongbar), and then travelled to the UK.  After several years of working in London hospitals, Louise returned to Brisbane, working in human and veterinary diagnostic laboratories before joining QML Vetnostics in 2015 as Veterinary Microbiology Supervisor.  Despite dabbling in biochemistry, immunology, serology and haematology, during her 30 years of experience, her focus remains firmly on microbiology, with particular interest in native wildlife and zoo exotics.  

Louise has co-authored a number of publications, most recently having assisted in the isolation and identification of a newly described Lonepinella-like gram-negative bacllius, a member of the Pasteurellaceae family that inhabits the koala oral cavity and which is now recognised as an opportunistic pathogen with zoonotic potential.