Bruce graduated in 1971 from the University of Sydney and commenced his career with three years experience in major small animal practices on the north shore of Sydney.

Bruce then returned to the University of Sydney and completed a Diploma in Veterinary Pathology in 1975.

In 1976, Bruce formed Bruce Duff Laboratories to provide pathology services to the veterinary profession (one of the first general pathology laboratories for veterinary surgeons in Australia). This laboratory was established in conjunction with the first private veterinary specialty group formed in Australia and comprised clinical pathology, radiology, surgery and an after-hours emergency service.

In 1986, Bruce Duff Laboratories was amalgamated into Macquarie Pathology to form Macquarie Vetnostic Services (MVS). MVS was able to provide leading-edge and cost-effective technology uniquely to the veterinary profession throughout NSW, the ACT and southern Queensland utilising an efficient courier and branch laboratory network.

In 1991, Bruce was awarded an Associate Fellowship from the Australian Institute of Management and in 1994, graduated as a Master of Commerce from the University of NSW. Over the past 30 years Bruce has involved himself in the development and provision of quality and cost-effective veterinary pathology for the Australian veterinary profession. Bruce is currently the pathologist in charge of the day-to-day running of Vetnostics (NSW).