Dr Terry L. Rothwell


Visiting Histopathologist

About Dr Terry L. Rothwell

Dr Terry L. Rothwell graduated BVSc from the University of Sydney in 1959. Soon after graduating, Dr Rothwell spent seven years as a Government Veterinarian in Papua New Guinea followed by 15 months in industry (with Merck Sharp & Dohme). He then returned to the University of Sydney and completed a PhD in Immunoparasitology. After a post-doctoral year at St Bart’s Hospital in London, Dr Rothwell joined the CSIRO Division of Animal Health at McMaster Laboratory, to continue research in Immunoparasitology.

After being appointed Associate Professor in Veterinary Pathology at the University of Sydney, Dr Rothwell has taught Veterinary Pathology and provided diagnostic histopathology for the University Hospital and Clinic. Awarded DVSc. in 1990 for research in Immunoparasitology, Dr Rothwell is a prolific author in refereed journals and a Senior Examiner for Pathology for the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists. Dr Rothwell also holds the position of Official Veterinarian for the Australian Jockey Club. He is currently involved in the provision of diagnostic histopathology to the veterinary community through Vetnostics.

Special Interests

  • Small animal histopathology