Professor C. Rolfe Howlett

Professor C. Rolfe Howlett


Visiting Histopathologist

About Professor C. Rolfe Howlett

Professor C. Rolfe Howlett graduated from the University of Sydney in 1963 and soon after worked in practice both in Australia and the UK. In 1967 Professor Howlett embarked on a PhD in Degenerative Arthropathies in Domestic animals. When he completed his PhD, he began his role as a lecturer in Pathology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of New South Wales. He also taught pathology to Medical and Science students. In 1995, Professor Howlett was appointed Professor in the School of Pathology and is now a Visiting and Emeritus Professor at UNSW.

An author of 150 publications, Professor Howlett also serves on the editorial boards of three international journals including VCOT. He’s also a referee for major research funding bodies including, ARC and NH &MRC. Considered an international authority on tissue reactions to medical devices and their component materials, Professor Howlett has served as the pathologist on the Therapeutic Device Evaluation Committee for the federal Health Minister for 10 years. He’s also the visiting Professor to the University of Oxford, London, Alabama and University of NSW.

The first Australian to be awarded the Fellow of Biomaterial Science and Engineering, Professor Howlett has been involved in the histopathological diagnosis of diseases in companion animals through Bruce Duff Laboratories. Since 1976.

Special Interests   
* Skeletal pathology